DOWNLOAD Canvas 12

DOWNLOAD Canvas 12

What's New

As the preferred choice of technical illustrators in precision industries, Canvas 12 comes with all the powerful vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools you need, in one integrated, flexible design environment. Speed up and streamline your workflow from initial import and design to final presentation, facilitate collaboration, and improve overall productivity with this complete technical illustration software solution.

Technical Illustration and Enhancement with Greater Control

Smart Join

Smart Join

Quickly and intuitively rejoin segmented objects into a singular object with the new Smart Join command.

Symbol Library

Symbol Library

Add, create and organize symbols quickly and easily. Choose from thousands of commonly used and highly specialized technical symbols included with Canvas 12, or create your own custom symbol from any vector object. Manage all your dynamic object assets with the Symbol Library, where you can move, add keywords, and re-categorize as required to suit your unique workflow.

Precise Perimeter-based Illustration Scaling

Accurately scale simple or composite vector objects based on area or perimeter values. Just enter a value in the Scale Options dialog box, choose Percentage or Absolute, and click a different origin point if desired. You can even scale a pen weight.

Additional Workflow Integration


Support for AutoCAD® 3D

Seamlessly work with AutoCAD® -DXF/DWG 3D object files. Choose from several 3D Import Options, use step rotation on an X, Y, or Z axis, edit and enhance color, scale, light source, and preview in Wireframe.

CGM4 File Support, Including WebCGM

Enjoy full integration with CGM workflows. Canvas 12 supports the latest CGM file types including Version 4, and WebCGM files. Visually augment and edit property tags and other attributes, and export files back into CGM work environments and specialized CGM applications. Or, present CGM files in new ways, including on the web.

Exact Geometry

Import and export an object's exact geometry with Canvas 12's Geometric I/O feature, allowing for powerful integration with Microsoft® Excel® and specialized software. In addition, you can precisely specify and manipulate the location and geometric dimensions of shapes and lines, and conveniently view an object's geometric attributes directly in Canvas.

Export to Many Formats at Once

Save time by exporting files to different formats with just a single click, thanks to the new Multi-Save command. Choose from a range of formats, including BMP, CGM, GIF, JPG, PCX, Adobe® PDF, PNG, TGA, and TIF.

View EXIF Metadata

Access a digital photo image's EXIF metadata properties within Canvas 12. View information such as data and time, camera settings including aperture, shutter speed, focal length and ISO speed, GPS coordinates and more.

Publish, Present and Collaborate More Powerfully

View Documents

Automated Flowchart Tools

Flowcharts are a logical and clear way to present complex and visually rich information. Now it's amazingly quick and easy to create rich data flowcharts with flexibility. Simply choose your symbol size, shape, and Smart Line attributes, and click to place anywhere in your documents. Customize your flowchart's design with a wide variety of connection line and shape editing options, to suit your presentation requirements.

Enhanced Usability

Canvas 12 workflow enhancements

Workflow Enhancements

Numerous enhanced user and dynamic interface (UI) elements and new shortcuts make it a breeze to access improvements to features such as Acre, Area of Object displays, new Properties Bar shortcuts, and X/Y Arrows of Direction. 1 AutoCAD is a registered trademark of AutoDesk.

Efficiently Manage Your Work Area

The Docking Pane saves you time and frees up valuable work space for visually complex projects. Instantly display, re-arrange, float or dock multiple Canvas palettes, and use the navigation tabs to further organize your space.



Your Image Processing Workshop

Perfect the exposure, color, clarity and geometry of your photos in ACDSee Pro's Process Mode. Easily adjust most types of image files, including RAW formats from the latest digital cameras. Apply non-destructive edits to your images without needing to save new files; your originals are always preserved. Achieve desired results faster because you always see your adjustments applied in real time. Save even more time by creating presets for commonly performed correction tasks.

ACDSee Pro (Mac) image corrections

Make Your Best Even Better

Correct light and color, improve details, and adjust geometry with ACDSee Pro's powerful processing tools. Quickly fix exposure and contrast, recover lost detail in overexposed areas of an image, and fine-tune vibrance without affecting skin tones. Reduce visible noise without loss of detail, sharpen photos with precision, and correct lens and perspective distortions with ease.

Process With Precision

Complete global non-destructive adjustments on RAW, JPEG and other image types, and achieve results fast. See your results applied in real-time, go back and forth between developing settings at will, and show and hide results of any adjustment. Preview your results in full screen, and return to further processing with ease. Save your work, and restore your original photos at any time.

Tune Your Photos

ACDSee Pro (Mac) image tuning
Boost dull colors and underexposed areas. Instantly rescue details that are too light or too dark, without affecting other areas of the image. Adjust the brightness and contrast of different tone bands. Increase saturation while protecting skin tones with the Vibrance slider. Or adjust saturation, brightness and hue on a color by color basis. Use the information in the Histogram and Clipping Display overlay windows to perfect your images.

ACDSee Pro (Mac) adjusting details

Adjust Details

Sharpen and reduce noise with ACDSee Pro's precision tools. Use the Full Resolution preview window to see the results of your adjustments in fine detail, without needing to zoom in and out of your image.

Correct Geometrically

Correct barrel, pincushion, and fisheye distortion, fix the perspective on photos taken with telephoto lenses, and rotate and straighten your images at custom angles, without any loss.

Save Time

Apply the power of batch processing to RAW files, JPEGs, TIFFs and more. Easily copy and paste processing settings from one image to another. Create and edit presets for commonly performed correction tasks. Experience the unparalleled speed and stability of ACDSee Pro's RAW processing.


ACDSee Pro 5


Bring out the absolute best in your photos

ACDSee Pro 5’s Develop mode is your non-destructive workshop where you can process your RAW images and apply non-destructive adjustments to your JPG and TIFF files. With the flexibility of ACDSee Pro 5’s non-destructive editing, you’ll arrive at your desired result quickly and safely.

ACDSee Pro 5 raw file processing

Get the best RAW results

See incredibly accurate default color, contrast and exposure right from the start of your RAW processing workflow. A wide RGB color gamut preserves your camera's vibrant colors for true-to-life representation. With color management control, you can be confident that what you're previewing reflects the desired color and tone of your RAW conversion.

ACDSee Pro 5 image tuning window

Tune your images

Get the correct white balance, color, exposure and tonal distribution for your images in Develop mode. Add vibrance while protecting skin tones, and adjust saturation, brightness and hue on a color-by-color basis. Fine tune tonal distribution with the combined Tone Curves and Levels tool. Avoid color clipping during RAW conversion by leveraging your image's histogram.


Adjust geometry in ACDSee Pro 5

Get it Straight

Adjust geometry, and fix perspective, distortion and lens vignetting with full control over pixel size and resolution.

Noise reduction in ACDSee Pro 5

Reduce Noise

Pro 5’s advanced noise reduction algorithm lets you control different aspects of noise with the luminance and color sliders.

HDR in ACDSee Pro 5

Achieve HDR Results with a single exposure

Get amazing single-exposure HDR results from your RAW images using the Lighting tool, powered by ACDSee’s patentedLCE (Lighting and Contrast Enhancement) technology.

ACDSee Pro 5 sharpening

Smarter Sharpening

A new user-controlled edge detection mask slider lets you focus the sharpening effect more to edges and textures without amplifying any pre-existing noise in areas with little detail.

Split toning in ACDSee Pro 5

Split Toning

The new Split Toning tool gives you complete control over the balance of tones in the shadows and highlights of a given scene, opening up a world of creative possibilities. Create sepia or tinted black & white, or add a tinted color to highlights and another to shadows to create a dramatic toning effect.

Folder Lock® 7.0.2

Folder Lock® 7.0.2 DOWNLOAD 

What's New
With Folder Lock 7, you can now not only encrypt your data, but also make backups of that data to your exclusive online storage account. The subscription service, when used in conjunction with Folder Lock 7 Encryption feature, offers the greater benefits of a simultaneous, automatic and real-time encryption and backup, providing both secure backup & recovery redundancy and the fastest data protection without the high cost. Your backups are stored online in a remote location, a cloud fully secured via government-grade encryption in a physically secured location.
Your encrypted storages 'Lockers' are now truly dynamic, portable, faster to create, occupy lesser space when created and grow automatically when you add more files. You can now also open your Lockers from network locations and servers and can allow several users to store their data in them at the same time by setting Windows privileges on the mounted drive. You can also open multiple Lockers at the same time to transfer files between them. Furthermore, you can convert your Lockers to encrypted executable files using the 'Protect USB/CD' feature and can keep them in portable drives and access your data without requiring admin privileges and installation on other PC. Folder Lock 7 is better, faster, more feature-rich, user-friendly, and has a better and bigger user    interface.
A comprehensive setFolder Lock® 7.0.2 DOWNLOAD  of security features has made Folder Lock a house hold name. Whether you areFolder Lock® 7.0.2 DOWNLOAD  concerned with data confidentiality, want to   prevent data loss or want to achieve true portable security, with Folder Lock, your data is impenetrable and    accessible to you alone, anywhere and anytime!

Outstanding Features
  • Fastest Encryption: With Folder Lock you can now encrypt your files faster than ever. The program creates Lockers, without taking up much space and grow as you dump files in it. Lockers are   encrypted, resizable, portable and ready for backup.
  • Automatic Backup: Folder Lock 7 allows you to optionally backup all files and folders you keep in your encrypted Lockers automatically while you continue to modify or access your encrypted files.
  • Additional Security: Users can now achieve true portable security, application level password security, activate stealth options, shred files, make wallets, clean history, auto protect the application and all its files, use virtual keyboard to type passwords to prevent key logging of any kind and can prevent hacking and incorrect password attempts.
  • True Ease of Use: Folder Lock 7 leverages NewSoftware's highly regarded graphical user interface. Existing Folder Lock users will be immediately productive: it's the same great console they already know and love. New users will find Folder Lock 7 remarkably easy to configure and use. Even relative .

Encrypt file and folders with Folder Lock
Encrypt Files

Encrypt your personal files using 256-bit on-the-fly military grade encryption technology. You create Encrypted storages to keep your important files encrypted. These storage 'Lockers' are dynamic, smaller in size when created and grow as your need increases. All the data remains encrypted even when you are accessing your files. Decryption process takes place in memory leaving no traces or recoverability of the file on your system.
Protect USB/CD

You can convert your encrypted storage 'Lockers' into encrypted executable files. Since these files contain your encrypted data and do not require you to install Folder Lock on the other computer, you can acccess your files with a correct password on any computer whether its a non-admin or admin Windows machine. You can protect your USB drives, external drives, CDs, DVDs and even Email Attachments.
Password Protect USB and CD
Online Backup Solution with Folder Lock
Backup Online

Backup all your private data you keep in your Lockers without manually managing your backups. Everything is automatic and real-time while every single change or modification to your files in your 'Lockers' is synched. Folder Lock is the only solution that offers this patent pending technology providing end-to-end data encryption and backup simultaneously. Protection and transmission of files is encrypted on state-of-the-art physically secured storage servers.
Lock Files

Protect your data from unwanted access and visibility by blocking access to the files, folders, drives, and programs you choose. You can also choose between whether you want to lock or hide your files or lock andhide them both. The Windows kernel level locking and filter driver makes it possible even to lock these items in Windows Safe Mode. Its friendly user-interface does as well allow single-click data protection straight from the Context Menu.
Lock Files with Folder Lock
Make Wallets with Folder Lock
Make Wallets

Folder Lock offers your sensitive information and data a safe haven with the Make Wallets feature. Protect your identity and all confidential information like Credit Cards and Bank accounts, by keeping them in government-level (FIPS) 256-bit AES encrypted Wallets. Make Wallets further allows you to personalize your digital Wallets with custom icons, card backgrounds, and card templates.
Shred Files

Shred Files feature in Folder Lock 7 lets you selectively and permanently erase all your files, folders, and drives from your computer making them unrecoverable with the use of even the smarest data recovery software. All shredding is based on advance U.S. Department of Defense data remanence protocols and inlcudes upto 4 unique shred methods. You can even Shred recoverable deleted files in the empty space of your hard drive.
Permanent delete Files with Folder Lock
Stealth Mode with Folder Lock
Stealth Mode

One of the most advance features of Folder Lock is its ability to operate in the Stealth Mode. Stealth mode feature enables you to hide any & all evidences of the program running on your computer. It removes all traces of and shortcuts to the application, and enables the Hotkey recall function to execute the program. With support for even 64-bit OS versions, don't let anyone know that you use Folder Lock if that's what you want.
Hack Security 

Stay immune to all hacking attempts with Hack Security! The Hack Security setting in Folder Lock monitors ALL incorrect password attempts in different parts of the applicaiton with exact date and time of such attempt. You can also set the program to Shutdown or Log Off your PC automatically after a certain number of incorrect password atempts. Catch the culprit and prevent dictionary attacks on your Lockers and Wallets with this enhanced feature.
Hack Monitoring with Folder Lock
Folder Lock Security Settings
Password Security 

Folder Lock now allows you to safeguard the program from unauthorized use. You can prevent access to different parts of Folder Lock or from running the application entirely by using the master password option which is compulsory to access such areas. You can even restrict changing of settings and changing other admin level controls using this feature. You can also control other Windows Users with master password for administrative level control.
Auto Protection 

Auto Protection setting allows you to set duration of inactivity on your PC to perform certain tasks while the application is running. The setting provides several data protection options like Closing Lockers, Logging out from various other features when the duration of inactivity is over. Furthermore, you can set the application to Exit, Log Off PC , or Shutdown the PC. This setting is useful if you fear access to your files while you're away from your PC at home or office.
Enable auto protection folder lock
Folder Lock® 7.0.2 DOWNLOAD 


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